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Rocket U2 Training

Authorized Independent Rocket U2 Training By K3 IBS

Current Rocket U2 Courses

K3 has AITP status making them Rocket Software’s key Partner in EMEA for training and skills transfer on the Rocket Software U2 Product Suite. K3 are the only U2 Authorized Independent Training Provider (AITP) in the EMEA region. All courses can be run either on customer site, or at any K3 office.

Customised Training Available

To complement the above standard courses, K3 can offer bespoke training courses to suit customers specific requirements. These can range from Group Workshop sessions to one-to-one single day training.

To discuss your specific requirements and pricing, please contact Chris Stanway on 07831 247 183
or Kevin Horak on 07774 788 154

Alternatively click here to contact us.

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    • Rocket Software UniVerse Administration
    • Rocket Software UniVerse Fundamentals
    • Rocket Software UniData Administration
    • Rocket Software UniData Fundamentals
    • Rocket Software UniData Recoverable File System
    • Rocket Software SB+ Essentials
    • Rocket Software SB+ Advanced Development
    • Building Applications Using Rocket Software SB+GUI
    • Using System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA)
    • Rocket Software UniData Data Replication
    • UniData and Universe Database Programming
    • Rocket Software U2 Basic Extensions For Advanced Programmers
    • Accessing Rocket Software UniData using ODBC
    • Rocket Software Universe ODBC