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IBS – Integrated Business Systems


IBS is our corporate solution aimed at larger manufacturers and particularly targeted at the Make to Contract marketplace. IBS is one of the UK’s leading ‘Make to Contract’ manufacturing control systems, and one of the few to be accredited as a ‘Class A’ ERP solution by the Oliver Wight organisation.

It is designed for a world where traditional sales order processing is only part of the answer, and estimates, quotation and bid management are increasingly needed. Manufacturers of Capital Plant need Contract Management along with Simultaneous Engineering (which enables manufacture to start before design is finished).

Service Management is also much in demand by those who have engineers in the field and who wish to monitor resource usage, availability and costs. Our defence and aerospace users relate to the facilities for ILS (Integrated Logistical Support) and MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul). With over 150 UK installations, IBS is already a great success with manufacturing companies who need a powerful ERP system at a price they can afford, and implementation timescales that make sense.

  • Commercial Management
  • Financial Management
  • Materials Management
  • Production Management
  • Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Management
  • Service Management
  • e-Manufacturing
  • Workflow


  • Fully Integrated Contract Control throughout the system
  • Complete integration of all aspects of Contract Manufacturing
  • Costing and Finance
  • Fully integrated workflow and business process mapping
  • Easy ERP’ user interface offering the latest ‘explorer style’ windows and browser access
  • Point and Pick enquiry generator
  • Seamless Graphical Business intelligence
  • Internet enabled supporting true e-Manufacturing