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K3 is an U2 Authorized Independent Training Provider (AITP), making them Rocket Software's key Partner in EMEA for training and skills transfer on the Rocket Software U2 Product Suite. IBS is our corporate solution, a powerful fully integrated, platform independent ERP solution built using the latest U2 technologies, and is one of the UK’s leading ERP systems available.

UniVerse Training

  • U2800: UniVerse Fundamentals
  • UV904: UniVerse Administration
  • U2120: UniVerse & UniData Database Programming

UniData Training

  • U2200: UniData Fundamentals
  • UD200: UniData Administration
  • U2120: UniData & UniVerse Database Programming
  • UD225: UniData Recoverable File System
  • UD231: UniData Data Replication

SB+ Training

  • SB500: SB+ Essentials
  • SB525: SB+ Advanced Development
  • SB530: Building Applications using SB+ GUI
  • SB600: Using SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture

U2 Tools Training

  • UD951: UniData ODBC
  • UV923: UniVerse ODBC
  • U2141: U2 Basic Extensions for Advanced Programmers